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Return form for cancellation and repairs

You have the option to return BONECO products purchased from the BONECO Online Shop. Simply fill out this form and enclose it in the package.

Cancellation expires 30 days after receipt of goods. Accessories are excluded from the right of return.

Returns from an EU country.
Cancellation or Repairs:
(For Austria free collect)
  • MH direkt e-commerce & fulfillment
  • GmbH & Co KG
  • Paketfach MH direkt 1
  • 6965 Wolfurt
  • Austria
Returns from Switzerland.
Cancellation or Repairs:
  • Boneco AG
  • c/o Gebrüder Weiss AG
  • Retouren Online Shop
  • Dornierstrasse 18
  • CH-9423 Altenrhein
Ensure that you retain the shipping confirmation from your post office. This will act as proof of return in case a package is lost on its way to us.
Refunds (Please only fill in the form in case of cancellation):
Please provide us with your bank details. Otherwise, you will receive your refund in the form of a cheque. For PayPal and credit card payments, refinds will be carried out using the appropriate refund procedure for your payment method.
Under 'Reason for return' above, please enter the number which corresponds to your reason for returning your product.
12 = I am not happy with the product, please refund | 13 = The wrong item was sent, please exchange | 16 = The wrong item was sent, please refund | 20 = The item is defective, please repair | 23 = The item is defective, please exchange | 26 = The item is defective, please refund
Is there a fault with your product? Please describe the fault:
When returning a product, please take into account our terms and conditions, particularly the information regarding our cancellation policy.